Sigil Cosmetica - First Impressions & Review

I was browsing Etsy when I stumbled across an indie brand called Sigil Cosmetica and couldn't resist making a little order. Not only is there is an amazing selection of colours and finishes, but the prices are very reasonable. Here's what I bought and my initial impressions.

Sigil Cosmetica, Indie Makeup

Sigil Cosmetica is an indie makeup brand based in New Zealand, and given that I can't find many reviews on the products, they must be a fairly new brand, so I'm quite excited that I found them.

I bought 8 eyeshadow samples and 1 blusher sample to try in a selection of shades and finishes. The samples are 1/4 teaspoon and are quite a generous size which makes them even better value for money!

Sigil Cosmetica, Indie Makeup

Sigil Cosmetica, Indie Makeup

Top Row: Barn Owl & Spider Web
Bottom Row: Cats Eye & Vanilla Ices

Sigil Cosmetica, Indie Makeup

Top Row: Joxer & Candy Floss
Bottom Row: Dwarf & Watcher

Sigil Cosmetica, Indie Makeup

Top to Bottom: Barn Owl, Spider Web, Cats Eye & Vanilla Ices

Barn Owl
"A light matte brown tone, perfect for an every day look"
A really lovely and very easy to wear matte shade. Perfect for most eye looks.

Spider Web
"A dirty rusted silver shade with amazing spark"
A beautiful dark silver shade that is amazing teamed with Dwarf.

Cats Eye
"A lovely dark purple with gold undertones"
A stunning purple that is even more amazing when foiled. My favourite of them all.

Vanilla Ices
"A sweet and subtle yellowy vanilla tone, perfect for summer"
A very sheer but sparkly shade that is ideal for just a little hint of glitter. 

Sigil Cosmetica, Indie Makeup

Top to Bottom: Joxer, Candy Floss, Dwarf & Watcher

"A brilliant bronze tone, perfect for metallic smokey eyes"
A really pretty bronze that is very wearable and goes perfectly with Watcher.

Candy Floss
"A light fluffy pastel pink shimmer"
A very delicate and girly pink shade. Perfect for spring and mixed with brighter pink shades.

"A brilliant silvery tone, wonderful when foiled"
This is a super sparkly light silver shade which looks amazing over a variety of bases.

No website description
A really pretty mid brown matte shade that is perfect for the outer corner and crease.

Sigil Cosmetica, Indie Makeup

Sigil Cosmetica, Indie Makeup

Man Eater Blusher
"The most natural and nude of shades, for just a subtle bit of colour"
A really pretty and very girly blusher. The dusky pink colour makes this perfect for autumn and winter, and would suit most skin tones.

All of the shadows are really pigmented and easy to work with. They're glittery but not too over the top, and the matte shades are fantastic. My stand out shades are Cats Eye and Joxer, they're both perfect and my favourite shades.

The blusher is also pigmented, but not in a bad way like some blushers are. It gives a lovely flush of colour and is really blend-able.

The eyeshadow samples are just 71p each and the blusher samples are £1.42 which is an amazing price given the size of the samples and the quality of the products. Postage is also really reasonable. I would 100% recommend giving Sigil Cosmetica a try and I will definitely be making more orders in the future. You can find Sigil Cosmetica here.

Which colours are your favourties? Let me know in the comments.

Sam x



  1. These all look so pretty! I love cats eye, candy floss and dwarf the most I think xx

    1. They're really lovely :) Cats Eye is my favourite, it's amazing when used wet as well xx