My Pretty Zombie - Eye Shadow & Blusher Sample Haul

I've been eyeing up My Pretty Zombie for quite some time so decided it was about time I ordered a few bits to try. Like all new indies I try, I just bought a few samples with a view to buying bigger versions of the ones I love. Here is what I ordered and what I think of everything.

My Pretty Zombie, MPZ, Indie Makeup, Eyeshadow

Firstly lets talk about the packaging. They all came in a standard mailing envelope which is the only option you get with sample only postage, but that's totally fine because they don't need padding anyway. They all arrived inside this adorable little kitty card with a handwritten message which was a lovely touch.

My Pretty Zombie, MPZ, Indie Makeup, Eyeshadow

I wanted to try a selection of eyeshadows and blushers so I bought the Drugs Like Me Blush samples set and 2 lots of the 3 sample eyeshadow sets. 

My Pretty Zombie, MPZ, Indie Makeup, Eyeshadow

2 sets of You Pick 3 Eyeshadow Samples priced at $3 a set.
Top L-R: Grimdeva, Everything Looks Better on a Meat Hook & Dirty
Bottom L-R: 13 Gypsies, Mary Jane and Lulu Cupcake

My Pretty Zombie, MPZ, Indie Makeup, Eyeshadow

Drugs Like Me Blush Sample Collection - $5
(Should include 5 samples but I was lucky enough to be given an extra one!)
Top L-R: THC, LSD & Benzodiazepine (The free extra)
Bottom L-R: MDMA, PCP & 6 MAM

For the shadows, I tried to get a good selection of shades including one matte shade to try too as I don't have a lot of matte indies. I even went out of my comfort zone and bought a green!

The swatches are over Eccentric Cosmetics Long Lasting Primer.

My Pretty Zombie, MPZ, Indie Makeup, Eyeshadow

Top to Bottom: Mary Jane, 13 Gypsies, Grimdeva, Everything Looks Better on a Meat Hook, Lulu Cupcake & Dirty

Mary Jane
"A mid toned gray green with a slight pink/red shift"
A British Racing Green shade with a gorgeous shimmer. The only green shade I've ever fallen in love with.

13 Gypsies
"A warm heavy copper with copper glitter"
A beautiful shiny copper that looks amazing foiled and goes perfectly with Dirty.

"A dark purple with a slight red shift"
A stunning shimmery dark purple with red undertones that make it really unique.

Everything Looks Better On A Meat Hook
"Kind of a brown plum that rubs down maroon. Green shift"
A really unusual but beautiful brown and green duochrome that also works well with Dirty.

Lulu Cupcake
"A fluffy pink with tons of pink glitter"
A really pretty and super girly pink with chunky glitter. Perfect for spring.

"Matte dirty brown"
A great matte shade that works with so many other shades and is great for the crease.

On to the blushers now. I loved the selection of colours that came in this set, there really is something for everyone.

These swatches are over bare skin.

My Pretty Zombie, MPZ, Indie Makeup, Eyeshadow

Top to Bottom: THC, MDMA, 6 MAM, PCP, LSD & Benzodiazepine

"Lavender with a sticky green shift"
A gorgeous light purple blusher that works perfectly with my pale skin tone.

"A rosy pink with a gold afterglow"
A very girly pink that gives a really healthy pop of colour.

"A dope plum with violet shimmer"
A really lovely but subtle shimmery plum shade.

"A running naked from the cops peach with gold shimmer"
A very vivid orange blush that isn't for the faint-hearted.

"A muted gray plum with a groovy red to gold shift"
A subtle grey shade with a hint of shimmer. Very muted.

"A red, red, red blush!"
A very dark, very pigmented red toned blush that would suit someone with a darker skin tone than me.

The shadows are all really soft and pigmented which makes them a dream to work with. They apply so smoothly and the sparkle and shimmer really stands out. There's hardly any fall out with these shadows too which always impresses me, especially as they are loose shadows. My favourites are 13 Gypsies and Everything Looks Better on a Meat Hook. I love brown and gold shades so these two instantly jumped out to me. Dirty is a fantastic matte shade and the colour is perfect for me as it will go with most eye looks that I do.

When I first swatched the blushers they did terrify me slightly because they are so bold, pigmented and glittery, and did wonder if they were definitely blushers and not shadows, but they really are gorgeous on. You need a very very light hand with them and less is definitely more. They give a really lovely sweep of colour, and luckily the glitter doesn't transfer too much. I found that LSD made me look a bit washed out, but I think that's because of my skin tone more than anything else. MDMA is my favourite of the bunch because it is a really lovely girly pink, with THC a close second.

Overall, I'm so glad that I decided to do an order from MPZ as I love everything and I'm so glad that some of these colours have pushed me out of my comfort zone. I think I'll be back again very soon to do another order...there's a setting powder that I have my beady eye on.

You can find MPZ here.

Have you tried MPZ? Have you got any recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments.

Sam x



  1. These all look stunning! Im so jealous of your indie make-up collection now lol xx

    1. Hehe I have built up quite a collection now. It's honestly so addictive! xx