Common Brimstone Perfume Review

As I'm loving indie makeup brands at the minute, I decided to branch out and try some indie perfume, so made a small sample order from Common Brimstone. Here is what I bought and what I think of all of the scents.

Common Brimstone Perfume, Indie Perfume

Common Brimstone Perfume, Indie Perfume

Common Brimstone is a UK indie perfume company owned by Naomi who makes and sells the perfume in her spare time. Her Etsy shop has a vast catalogue of scents in either oil or solid form. There was quite a lot of scents I liked the sound of so I ordered a 10 sample set which cost £11.00 excluding postage.

Common Brimstone Perfume, Indie Perfume

The samples come in a 2ml vial with a screw lid and dropper top. This is a really good size for a sample and you get enough for lots of uses. This style of bottle makes it really easy to apply and saves any mess with tiny fiddly bottles. They're also a perfect size for your handbag.

I have listed them below in order of personal preference from my favourite through to my least favourite.

Common Brimstone Perfume, Indie Perfume

Pin Up
"A cheeky concoction of cherry, parma violet, strawberry and rose, on a warm, sweet bed of vanilla and baby powder. Adorable!"
I adore this scent so much! It is sweet and floral and super girly. Once it has warmed up on your skin the parma violets really come through. This lasts for around 3-4 hours on me.

Parlour Trick
"A veil of cool white musk falls away to reveal a classic cup of Early Grey tea blended with lavender and tea rose. Hints of sweet neroli haunt the drydown of this clean, elegant blend."
This is my joint favourite with Pin Up. It's such a lovely comforting scent that smells like baby powder once it's warmed up. I find this scent really relaxing and love wearing it to work. This also lasts for around 3-4 hours.

Common Brimstone Perfume, Indie Perfume

September Bride
"Peach & blackcurrant will peek through playfully every now and then but the star attraction here in the luscious blend of pumpkin and honey-lavender absolute. And it's all given depth and warmth with just a smidgen of hay and nutmeg."
I bought this one purely because I'm getting married in September but I didn't expect to love it as much as I did! It'll be so perfect for my Wedding Day. It's floral yet fruity and reminds me of summer. This lasts for around 3 hours.

Blood Moon
"A sultry, slinky and down-right sexy been of sharp blood orange and delicious salted caramel, with just a hint of sticky maple sugar and a sensual base of cedar wood and patchouli."
I expected this to smell a lot more sickly than it does given all the scents packed into it, but it's not over powering or overly sweet at all. The scent is quite masculine compared to the others which makes a nice change. This lasts for around 4-5 hours on me and definitely gives me the longest wear out of them all.

Common Brimstone Perfume, Indie Perfume

Secret Garden
"Fresh tomato leaf, sweet honeysuckle, and an explosion of cherries, peaches and bergamot. Secret Garden is a world of wonders. It's finishes off with vanilla and oaks, and has just a touch of elegant white wine in the mix."
This is one of the ones I'm on the fence with. It initially smells very strongly of tomato leaf which I'm not too keen on, but it warms up to a pretty floral scent. Nice but nothing special. This lasts for around 2 hours on me.

Rats & Beadles
"A rich foodie mix of milk and white chocolate, white tea and Earl Grey tea. Utterly edible! (But please don't drink it...)"
I wasn't keen on this at all on a cold sniff, it smelled very strongly of white chocolate which I found very sickly. Once I tried it I actually liked it and the nice Earl Grey scent came through, but I didn't find it very long lasting. This also lasts for about 2 hours.

Common Brimstone Perfume, Indie Perfume

Lady of The Lake
"Fresh green apples with warm red clover, and a hint of brine lavender with fresh, cools notes of water and spring rain."
This was one of the biggest disappointments for me. I loved it on a cold sniff but it was far too subtle on, I could hardly smell it and it didn't last at all. I got about 1 hour of wear out of this.

"Orchid, honeysuckle, and lily evoke femininity, whilst peach, clementine, and bergamot lend a tangy depth. A perfect spring scent."
This one was also disappointing for me as I loved the sound of it from the description and it smells lovely on a cold sniff but it is very underwhelming when it's on and doesn't smell like much at all. I can't even really comment on how long it lasts because I didn't really get anything from it at all.

Common Brimstone Perfume, Indie Perfume

Hitchcock Blonde
"A sparkling sharp opening of blood orange, yuzu and grapefruit that gives way to a heart of soft, luscious jasmine and plumeria, and rests on a refined bed of clean cotton and Egyptian musk."
I didn't like this one at all! I wasn't keen on a cold sniff and disliked it even more once it was on. The scent reminded me of air freshener and wasn't pleasant to wear. It did last fairly well though, so just a shame about the scent. This lasts for around 3 hours.

A Rum Do.
"Base notes of rum and jasmine are embellished with herbal basil, sparkling yuzu, and a hint of sweet sugar cane, making for a fresh, uplifting perfume. But the real quirk comes from the delightful bergamot mint essential oil, which opens with a floral note, morphing through fruity sweetness and into an aquatic minty kick."
Like Hitchcock Blonde, I really didn't like this one. It did smell better once it had warmed up and settled down a little bit but I found the mint and jasmine very overpowering and I can't put my finger on what I disliked so much, but it really isn't a scent that suits me. This lasted for around 3-4 hours though so longevity isn't an issue at all.

Overall, I would say that this is a very mixed bag with some real standouts that I will be buying bigger bottles of, and some real disappointments. I will say that it all comes down to personal preference with perfumes and someone else might like some of the ones I didn't. Just because I didn't like a scent, it doesn't make it a bad product so please bare that in mind.

These aren't super long lasting perfumes, but they last a similar amount of time to some cheaper high street or drug store perfumes, so be prepared to keep the perfume in your handbag for tops ups. What I like about these perfumes is that the scents are so unique and they make a nice change from mainstream ones, so even though there have been some disappointments, I wouldn't hesitate to order from Common Brimstone again as there are so many other scents that I would love to try.

You can find Naomi's Etsy store here.

Have you tried indie perfumes before? Have you got any recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments.

Sam x



  1. Great post! I've spotted a few that I'm adding to my list! I'm so sad that you didn't like Secret Garden, it's one of my favourites! Xx

    1. Thank you :) I didn't hate secret garden, but didn't love it either. I just wish it lasted longer on me :( xx

  2. These sound fab! I'm quite tempted to try some samples myself x

    1. They're really lovely and it's nice to try something different. I love how unusual the scents are :) xx