Tony Moly Sheet Mask Review

I ordered myself some sheet masks from eBay to try after Kat at +All Hail The Nails recommend them to me. There are quite a few brands out there that sell them, but the Tony Moly ones seemed to get the best reviews. I've tried all of these out over the past couple of weeks so here is what I thought of them and if I would order again.

Tony Moly, Sheet Mask, Korean Skincare
I bought a set of 3 to try from a UK seller on eBay as I didn't want to wait weeks for them to arrive from the Far East. The set of three cost £6 including postage which I didn't think was a bad price considering they can be anywhere from £2-£3 each excluding postage. They arrived really quickly so I would definitely recommend that particular seller. The link to the item I purchased can be found here.

I picked a variety of masks to try, and ones that all had a different feature; Clear Skin, Elasticity & Brightening.

Tony Moly, Sheet Mask, Korean Skincare

I used the Rice Mask first because my skin has been bad for breakouts recently. The first thing I loved about this mask was the smell, it smelled so fresh and comforting. When the mask was on, I could feel it working it's way gently into my pores which was a nice feeling. I kept the mask on for around 25 minutes which gave it a good amount of time for it to work. My skin looked really clean and soft afterwards, but it did leave my skin quite dry which was a bit disappointing. I haven't had any major breakouts since using this mask though and my skin has been much clearer so it has worked wonders!

Tony Moly, Sheet Mask, Korean Skincare

Next I used the Pomegranate Mask which is the one I was most excited about using. Kat had told me how good this mask is so I was desperate to try it out for myself. Again, the smell was gorgeous, so fruity and fresh which instantly relaxed me. Once applied I could feel this tightening up my pores which made my face a little tingly, but nothing uncomfortable. I left this on for around 20 minutes which was perfect, and my skin felt very soft and moisturised afterwards.

Tony Moly, Sheet Mask, Korean Skincare

Finally I used the Lemon Mask. I bought this one mainly because I love the smell of lemon but was intrigued to see what the brightening effect would do. It did smell of lemon but it was quite subtle which was really nice and not too overpowering. I didn't feel a huge amount when this was on my face, but my face did feel lovely and soft once I had rubbed the serum in. In terms of after effects, my skin looked slightly smoother but nothing to get too excited about. I didn't see any real benefits from this one at all so it's not one I will rush to re-buy.

Overall, I am very impressed with my first sheet masks and with Tony Moly products. They all worked fantastically and are a perfect bath time treat. I'll definitely be ordering more of these masks to try and will delve deeper into the world of Korean Skincare.

Can you recommend any sheets masks for me to try? Have you got any favourite Korean Skincare products? Let me know in the comments.

Sam x


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