Nail Collaboration: Part 1 - My Favourite Stamping Plate

Me and the lovely, talented Helen over at +hellz nails decided that we would do a little collaboration in February as we both want to put more effort into our blogs this year. We have picked 4 prompts to do this month, posting 1 a week, and the first week is favourite stamping plate. Here is the mani I created using my favourite plate, and there's also a tutorial to go with it. Enjoy!

I picked MoYou London Pro 04 plate for this prompt because it is my favourite plate ever! It has such an amazing selection of images on it, and the looks you can create with it are endless. I decided to use the gorgeous dandelion image as it's one I haven't used before. To start with, I made some decals using my UberChic beauty nail art mat. This is so perfect for making decals on. I always make decals for images like these, because you have a bit more time to line them up correctly on your nails. I used MUA Cosmetics Pitch Black for the stamping.

While my decals were drying I painted my nails using Rimmel London Cheeky Girl from the Sweetie Heart collection. This is a really pale pink matte polish and it's so delicate and girly. I did 3 coats and it still dried patchy...a common problem I find with colours like these. Nothing a bit of top coat won't sort out!

Once my nails and my decals were dry, I trimmed my decals down to size using some nail scissors. This saves on extra clean up, and makes them easier to position and use.

I added a layer of clear glossy top coat to all nails, and once this was touch dry, I positioned my decals on the nail and pressed them down lightly. They should stick to the slightly damp polish. I then added another of top coat to make sure that they had stuck down properly and then cleaned up any excess that remained. Make sure you apply your layer of top coat quite lightly and don't let it drag too much otherwise the stamping will shown slightly on my index finger.

I then finished by adding a thin coat of Barry M Matte Topcoat as I wanted the Rimmel polish to keep it's matte look,

And there we have it. a really simple but pretty look that anyone can achieve. Please excuse the little bit of smudging, I got a bit topcoat happy!

I will be back next Tuesday with the next part of our challenge which is Recreation, so I will be recreating one of Helen's beautiful manis. In the mean time, don't forget to read Helen's post which you can find here.

What is your favourite stamping plate? Have you tried MoYou Pro 04? Let me know in the comments.

Sam x



  1. I love your choice and the mani you've done with it! I think I'm going to have to put this plate on my wishlist now xx

    1. Thank you my lovely! It's such a beautiful plate :) xx