Mad Lab Cosmetics: First Impressions & Review

I made an order from indie makeup brand Mad Lab Cosmetics at the start of the month, so thought I would do a first impressions of the brand and mini review post of all of the shades I bought. Here is what I bought and what I think of everything.

I bought 2 sample packs of eye shadows, and in addition to the 12 shades I bought, I was also sent 2 lovely extra samples to try by the owner Catherine.

The 12 shades I bought: 
Top Row L-R: Scumbag Pink, Not Amused, Pyrite 2.0, Wicked Queen
Middle Row L-R: Dark God, Temptress, Dark Fairy, Pearl
Bottom Row L-R: Zinc, Fleek, Winter Solstice, Sweetest Sirens

The 2 free samples I was sent: Rebecca's Black Friday & Labradorite

I don't have the patience to use the shadows in the little bags, so I bought some pots from eBay and decanted them which makes them so much easier to use.
The label on the sample bag fits perfectly on top of the pots. and I also love that the labels are transparent! It makes finding a shadow to use so much easier, and it's a really cool, unique idea. 

Each sample is 1/4 teaspoon or 0.25g but these do seem smaller than other samples I have tried. I don't know if it's a case of other indie brands being really generous with their sample sizes, or Mad Lab measuring them out exactly. You still get a good amount of product though when you consider that a pack of 6 samples is only £4.31.

I did some super quick swatches of the shadows, but I would suggest that you look at the swatches that Catherine has up in her Etsy shop as these show them in a much better light. Indie shadows are always better when they are layered over a decent primer or a sticky base, but my new primer is on it's way from Australia as we speak so I've had to make do with my cheap MUA Cosmetics primer for these swatches.

Top to Bottom: Pyrite 2.0, Not Amused, Scumbag Pink & Zinc

Top to Bottom: Temptress, Dark God, Pearl & Winter Solstice

Top to Bottom: Fleek, Sweetest Sirens, Dark Fairy & Wicked Queen

Top to Bottom: Rebecca's Black Friday & Labradorite 

My favourites are definitely Pyrite 2.0, Winter Solstice and Rebecca's Black Friday but I love each and every shade in a different way. Some of these are totally different for me but it's nice to go out of your comfort zone sometimes.

I have used a few shades so far and I've been really impressed with them. They're really pigmented (even over my rubbish primer), they're easy to blend, there's hardly any fall out and they last really well on my oily lids.

If you are looking for some really unique and super sparkly eye shadows then do give Mad Lab a try. These arrived from America to the UK just 10 days after ordering which is an amazing turn around time, and this lot cost me just £13.24 including postage so you really can't go wrong. You can find Catherine's Etsy shop here.

Have you tried Mad Lab Cosmetics before? Can you recommend any shades for me to try? Let me know in the comments.

Sam x



  1. These look gorgeous, I can see myself making an order on payday. Pyrite will defo be on my list. Plus i can't wait to see what primer you bought!

    1. You should, although the shipping has just sky-rocketed :( but they are really pretty! I bought the Eccentric Cosmetics long lasting primer and apparently it's amazing :)

    2. I never checked the shipping prices when i had a nose at the shop, maybe buying some will have to wait a while and I have more money. I e never heard of them, but hopefully it'll be good as good primer is so hard to find!

    3. It's so annoying that all the postage has gone up for most shops as it makes buying so expensive :( I'll let you know how the primer is once it has arrived!