Bold Metals Brush Dupes

I'm not one for buying fake makeup, I learnt the hard way on that when I bought a fake The Balm blusher from Ali Express and it was utter rubbish, but I do love a good brush dupe. I spotted these lovely brushes on Amazon and had to give them a try. Here's what I think of them.

These are exact replicas of the Real Techniques Bold Metal brushes, and this set comes with all 7 brushes. I love my Real Techniques brushes and I've always wanted to try the Bold Metals but I can't justify the price, so I had to snap these up. These cost me £6.47 including delivery from the Far East but they were on my doorstep only 2 weeks after ordering them! Very speedy delivery.

Like the originals, there are 3 different colours of metal and they are broken down into face, finishing and eye categories.

100 Arched Powder & 101 Triangle Foundation

I adore the powder brush and I have used it nearly everyday since I've had it. My RT powder brush from the original collection has taken a back seat for this one! It's really soft but not too big so you have more control over the areas you want to powder. I'm not very keen at all on the triangle foundation brush, but I think that's more down to personal preference on the way I like to apply my foundation rather than a reflection on the brush itself. I apply my foundation with a stippling brush so this just doesn't do it for me.

200 Oval Shadow, 201 Pointed Crease & 202 Angled Liner

I'm still to properly experiment with these brushes, but the oval shadow has been my favourite so far. The pointed crease is a little bit too big for the purpose it's meant to serve in my opinion, but it does make a lovely blending brush so it mostly gets used for that. I think the angled liner will make a great eyebrow brush, so as soon as I can get my hands on some Freedom Brow Pomade I will be using it for that. I also saw a tutorial by Sam Chapman (founder of Real Techniques) and she used the oval shadow to blend her under eye concealer so I am definitely going to be trying it for that. Love multi purpose brushes!

300 Tapered Blush & 301 Flat Contour

Like the arched powder, I have used these 2 nearly everyday since they arrived. I don't use the blusher brush for that purpose as I much prefer a bigger angled brush for blusher, but I use this one for setting my under eye concealer with powder, and for applying powder to smaller areas of my face when I don't want a completely powdered look. I'm pretty rubbish at contouring but I use the flat contour blush for applying my highlighter and it works perfectly. I love how precise you can be with it, and because it's so firm, you don't get loads of fallout, or highlighter in places where you don't want it.

Overall, I am really impressed with these brushes especially when they're less than £1 a piece. I can't directly compare them to the originals, but my guess is that the main difference is the weight of the handle (these are very lightweight), and the fact that they don't have the RT logo on them. They're all very soft, wash

really well and there's no shedding.

I can't recommend these enough if you want to add some pretty but cheap brushes to your collection. The link to brushes I bought is here. They have gone up slightly in price but they're still a bargain!

Have you tried these dupe brushes? Would you be happy with dupes or would you prefer the real thing? Let me know in the comments.

Sam x



  1. Fab post hun, I'm the same and use a stippling brush for my foundation. Have ordered these as like you I want the RT ones but can't afford xx

    1. Thank you so much :) I love a stippling brush for my foundation, it makes it look flawless so this one just didn't cut it for me. I hope you like them as much as I do. They're such a good bargain xx

  2. Fab post hun, I'm the same and use a stippling brush for my foundation. Have ordered these as like you I want the RT ones but can't afford xx

  3. These look fab! As its payday I might have to treat myself :) I keep looking at the bold metals but just couldn't justify spending that so these will be perfect xx