Origins Face Mask Pods Review

As soon as I heard about the Origins Face Mask Pods, I knew that I needed to give them a try for myself. I have always wanted to try Origins but found it all a bit too pricey, but these new pods are fantastic as they make it so affordable to indulge in some Origins treats. Here's what I bought and what I thought of them.

In each pack you get 4, 5ml pods which come attached together, but as soon as I had opened them I broke them down to make it easier for grabbing them in a hurry. You get a surprisingly generous amount of product in each one, and if you are feeling thrifty, you could get 2 uses out of each pod. For my first uses, I used all of the product as instructed so that I could give you a proper review, but from now on, I will be making each one last for two facials.

There are 4 types of the pods to choose from; Clear Improvement, Ginzing, Drink Up Intensive & Out Of Trouble and they are all priced at £5.00 for 4 pods. I opted for Clear Improvement as I'm having some real trouble with my skin at the moment, and Ginzing as I loved the sound of it.

I was most excited about the Clear Improvement mask so I used this one first and it is by far my favourite one. I used a very thick layer of this, and left it to dry for around 15 minutes instead of the 10 it says on the packet. I could really feel this working its way into my pores, and it didn't hurt, but it did tingle more than any face mask I have tried before. Once I had removed this my skin felt amazing! It was so soft and clear and felt like it'd had a really good cleanse. I'm going to use this on a weekly basis so it will be interesting to see if it it does help with my clogged pores.

A few days later, I gave the Ginzing mask a try and I wasn't as blown away by this one. For a start, the product is totally clear and dries clear so I didn't even really feel like I had a face mask on. It also didn't seem to dry as hard as the Clear Improvement mask so I forgot it was on whilst I was in my bath and ended up having it on for over half an hour! It didn't tingle, in fact, it didn't feel like it was doing much at all. For me, the smell was the best thing as it smells so lovely and fresh, so I think that it the selling point of this mask. After I had taken it off, my skin did feel softer but nothing revolutionary, but that's not to say that you won't feel the benefits more that I did, after all, each person in so individual in terms of their skin.

My review of the two masks goes to show why these pods are such a fantastic idea because you get to try a product without wasting your money if you don't like it. I know for a fact that I would have been gutted if I'd spent £23.00 on the Ginzing mask, but I would be happy to pay full price for the Clear Improvement one.

Unsurprisingly, the pods are all out of stock on the Origins website and I've got a feeling that they will be in very high demand so I would recommend snapping some up if you see them back in stock. It's also worth noting that you get free tracked postage and samples with every order.

You can buy the pods on the Origins website for £5.00 which you can find here.

Have you been lucky enough to get your hands on some of these pods? Which ones do you like the look of? Let me know in the comments.

Sam x


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  1. I love facemasks! The clear improvment mask sounds nice, although I'm not sure I can be torn away from my fave face mask right now as it's working wonders for my skin, but if I do fancy trying something new I might give these pods a go.