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Firstly, I'd like to quickly apologise for being absent recently, I've started a new job which is quite stressful and I've been far too tired to blog, but I'm back and I'm going to make an effort to start posting regularly again. So I decided that I needed to try some make up from new brands, so what better place to go for a little haul than the Beauty Crowd website. If you haven't heard of Beauty Crowd before then you are seriously missing out. They make it so easy to get hold of unique make up that you can't find easily on the high street. 

Here's what I bought and my first impressions of everything.

I wanted to get a good selection of products to try from various brands and I love every single item.

L.A Colors 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow - Lollipop £1.50

As soon as I saw these little 5 colour shadow palettes I knew that I had to try one. I was spoiled for choice shade wise as there are so many to choose from, but I'm loving purple eye make up right now so Lolliopop is perfect for me. All of the shades are shimmery, but not overly shimmery so they are ideal for everyday wear. The palette comes with a double ended applicator which I won't use as I like to apply eyeshadow with a brush, but it would be handy for touch ups and this little palette is a perfect handbag size. 

L.A Colors Jumbo Eye Pencil - Sun Kissed & Saltwater £1.95 each

Sticking with L.A Colors I also chose these eye crayons as I love eyeshadow sticks at the moment. They're so easy for everyday wear and handy to throw into your handbag. I chose these two shades because I thought they would work well with other colours, and I've been dying to get my hands on a bronze eye pencil for a while now. I must admit that I did expect the silver one to be slightly more grey but that's the trouble when shopping online, it's sometimes hard to tell but I love it all the same. The pencils themselves are great, so smooth and really blend-able. Well worth the £1.95 and you would struggle to get a better eye pencil in a drugstore for that price. The matte black packaging is really lovely too and makes them look more expensive than they are.

L.A Colors Mineral Blush - Tenderling £3.95

My final L.A Colors purchase was the mineral blush. I really was spoiled for choice with shades on this item and pretty much ended up taking a lucky was either take a lucky dip or buy them all! Seriously though, Beauty Crowd have this blusher available in 24 shades which is just amazing and there really is one to suit every skin tone. I was so excited to try this when it turned up as I love the colour, it's perfect for summer. I've used this a couple of times now and it is really really pigmented so all I would say is apply with caution and less is more...I found this out the hard way! I used a lot less product on my second use and it was perfect and blended so well. Again, the packaging is great and it opens up to reveal a nice little mirror and brush underneath for touch ups on the go. Fantastic quality for less than £4.

Absolute New York Matte Stick - Dark Raspberry £3.95

I had seen this range of lipsticks swatched on the Beauty Crowd Instagram page and knew that I had to have one. There's slightly less shade options with this product but there's still a lovely selection of reds, pinks and purples. I haven't actually used this item yet as the shade I picked is very bright and I haven't had an occasion to wear it, but I am excited to try it. This comes in a lovely matte black bullet with a clear end so that you can easily see the colour. This lipstick also has a flat edge which I love as lippies like this are so easy to apply. If I love this as much as I think I will then keep an eye out for it making an appearance as my Lippie of the Week soon.

L.A Girl USA Cosmetics Glazed Lip Paint - Elude £4

Like with the Absolute Matte Stick, I wanted to try one of these lip paints after seeing swatches of them on the Beauty Crowd Instagram. Again, there is a massive selection of colours on offer, 18 in total, so it took me quite a bit of time to decide on which shade I wanted. I was toying between going for a nude or something really bright, but as I had already chosen a bright matte lipstick, I went for a nude shade. I'm so so glad that I opted for this shade as I have been wearing it to work almost constantly since getting it and I adore it. It's a beautiful peachy nude shade and the colour pay off is fantastic. It glides onto the lips so easily, it's really long lasting and isn't drying at all. This is my first of many of these Glazed Lip Paints.

Dr PawPaw Tinted Peach Pink Balm - £6.95

This was the most expensive item that I bought but I love PawPaw balm and know that it is well worth the money. I was really excited to see that Beauty Crowd had tinted PawPaw on offer as this to me is the best invention ever! They only have 2 tinted shades available, red and peach pink, and I thought that peach pink would be lovely for the summer. I love multi purpose products and this particular balm is designed for use on the lips and cheeks. I haven't tried it as a blusher yet but I have been using it on my lips and it adds a really lovely soft sweep of colour whilst moisturising. It's perfect to keep in your handbag to add a pop of colour throughout the day. If you haven't tried PawPaw balm before then you really need to, it's fantastic.

My order came to a total of £24.25 with free postage which is a total steal when you see what I got for my money. This is the first of many Beauty Crowd orders for me.

You can find the Beauty Crowd website here and they offer free shipping on all orders over £20. Go go go!

Have you ordered from Beauty Crowd before? Have you tried any of the products I've bought? Let me know in the comments.

Sam x


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  1. Absolutely fantastic haul! :) I have one of the lip crayons too and it's so long lasting! Xx