May's Pink Parcel

After being slightly disappointed with last month's Pink Parcel, I decided to give it a go for one more month to see if it got any better, and I'm glad that I stuck with it. Pink Parcel had commented on my post on Instagram regarding April's box and said that May's box was a good one, and they weren't lying.

Here's what I got this month.

We do have to remember that the Pink Parcel isn't just a beauty box and you do get essential items to see you through the month too. So like previous months, I got 25 tampons from my chosen brand which is plenty to see me fact I've now gathered a little stash of them in my bathroom from previous months as I never get through them all!

As well as the tampons you get a selection of beauty and lifestyle products. I'll begin by talking about the beauty items.

L'Occitane: Essential Face Water - £18.00 for 200ml

I received a 50ml bottle of this and it's actually a pretty good size when you consider how much this retails for. I wasn't 100% sure what this product was to begin with, but after looking on the L'Occitane website I found out that it is a toner. I'm really happy with this as toner is never out of the way, and it's nice to try something from a brand I wouldn't normally buy from. I haven't tried this yet but I know that I will use it up at some point soon.

Richard Ward Creative Hair: Wheat Nutrient Masque - £23.00 for 125ml

This is a 75ml pot of product, so again, a really good size when you look at the RRP for a full sized version. I was really excited for this one as I've been making a lot more effort recently to look after my hair so I knew I would use this. In fact, I used it yesterday in the bath and really enjoyed it. It smells lovely and my hair felt lovely and soft afterwards. My only criticism is that we had a hair product in last month's box too so it would be nice for Pink Parcel to perhaps vary what they send out a bit more.

Anatomicals:  Botanical Hydrating Rose Face Mask -£4.00

I've tried products from Anatomicals before so was really happy to get this as I've always found them to be of good quality. I also love face masks so this is an ideal product for me. I haven't had the time to use this yet but I'm going to use it as my pampering treat for the weekend. Again, another little criticism is that we have 2 skin care products in this box...that's ok with me as I do enjoy trying new skin care items out, but not so good if you have very sensitive skin like one of my good friends, so can't use either the toner or the face mask. Perhaps a little something for Pink Parcel to think about.

Now onto the second part of the box, the lifestyle items.

Flamingo Candles: Green Apples Scent Melt - £2.00

I absolutely love wax melts! Like seriously love them. As well as beauty, they're another passion of mine. I love the way a certain smell can evoke such feelings and memories. In fact, I will be doing my first ever lifestyle post about wax melts and candles in the not too distant future so watch this space. Anyway, back to the Pink Parcel. I knew that there would be a Flamingo Candles Scent Melt in this month's parcel, and having never tried this brand before, I was excited to get the box for this reason. As soon as I opened up the box I could smell the apple scent, and being a big fan of fruity smells, I knew I would love it. I haven't burnt this yet but will be doing so very soon.

Fudge Kitchen: Drinking Fudge & Montezuma's Butterscotch Chocolate

Unfortunately I can't eat milk chocolate so won't be able to eat the chocolate or drink the hot chocolate. I was a little disappointed not to get a tea sample this month for that exact reason, but I will be sending these on to my lovely friend, Jayne, so they won't be wasted.

Overall, I'm quite impressed with this month's box and much prefer it to April's. (You can find my review of the April box here) Even though there is a lack of makeup and tea this month, I'm still really pleased with what I got, and I will make sure everything gets used. The boxes cost £9.99 a month including postage and I think that's fantastic value when you consider what you get, sanitary products included.

You can sign up to Pink Parcel via their website which you can find here. Your first box will be just £5.95 and then £9.99 each month after including postage.

Have you tried the Pink Parcel out yet? What do you love or hate about it? Let me know in the comments.

Sam x



  1. Oo this one does look a lot better than last months! I'm the opposite and can't drink tea so looking forward to the hot chocolate.
    I'm waiting to hear back from them at the moment as they just didn't send Aprils teen parcel :/

    1. It is sooo much better this month. I was going to cancel it but I've decided to do one more month as this was good. That's a nightmare, they had real issues in April though apparently and loads of people didn't get their boxes. I hope they can sort it out for you soon xx