Lippie of the Week - W7 Lip Paint 'Naughty'

I'm back again this week with my Lippie of the Week. I'm sorry that I didn't post one last week but I was away so didn't get a chance. But the main thing is that I'm back this week, and I have a pretty amazing lippie to share with you. Here is what I picked this week.

This week we have W7 Lip Paint in shade 'Naughty'.

I've only recently just rediscovered W7 make up. I've had a few items from them over the years but that was before I was properly into make up so I never appreciated the products and they ended up in the bin. Don't worry, I've already told myself off for doing this! I've been seeing a lot more about W7 floating around the Blogospehere recently so I treated myself to some new bits to try, and this Lip Paint was one of them.

This cost me £1.99 from a Beauty Outlet store who are official stockists of W7 items. As soon as I saw this range of Lip Paints I knew that I needed to get one to try, and I picked this beautiful deep pinky red shade. I'm not usually a fan of glosses, but this one is so pigmented and is much more like a lip stain than a normal lip gloss. As you can see from the swatch on my hand, you get a really amazing glossy pop of colour from this and it's very pigmented. I applied this using a lip brush as colours like these aren't very forgiving if you make a mistake, so it took me a few minutes to apply it with the brush, but it was worth taking the time. 

Because this is a gloss, it isn't drying like lipsticks can be and my lips felt nice and moisturised the whole time I was wearing it. I went out for a Chinese for my birthday meal and this held up remarkably well. The product had creeped towards the edge of my lips after eating, but all it took was for me to rub my lips together and it looked freshly applied. All it needed was a tiny bit of topping up throughout the night, it didn't need completely reapplying at all.

I'm so so impressed with this Lip Paint. I'm glad I ignored the fact that it's a lip gloss as it's definitely the best lip gloss that I have ever tried, and now I want more colours from the range. This will be ideal for the summer and will liven up any make up look.

Have you tried the W7 Lip Paints before? Do you have any W7 suggestions for me? Let me know in the comments.

Sam x


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  1. It looks really really pigmented :) u need to try the new revlons Sam 😝