Lippie of the Week - MUA Makeup Academy 'Lilac Belle'

I introduced the 'Lippie of the Week' feature on my blog last week, and as it was a big success, I will be continuing it, so it's time for me to pick again this week. I deliberated this week as there was two I wanted to feature, but as the sun is out today and I'm feeling rather colourful, I went for the brighter of the two.

So here is this week's Lippie of the Week.

This week I went for the beautiful 'Lilac Belle' from MUA. I totally adore this colour, and it's definitely one of my favourite ever lipsticks. This is from the Matte range and costs just £1 which is incredible value for money.

I'm a huge fan of all MUA makeup, but I specifically love the lipsticks. I have 10 of them in a whole range of colours, but I also have a massive wishlist of all the others that I want! What I love so much about MUA lipsticks is that you get such fantastic quality for your money. I was a little dubious at first about the matte range as I thought that they would be really drying on the lips, but that isn't the case at all. For a matte formula, this is surprisingly creamy. This really glides on and gives such a lovely sweep of colour. Considering this is a purple lipstick it really isn't too in your face and is nice for everyday wear. In terms of longevity, this holds up fairly well. It does need reapplying throughout the day and after eating, but I find that's the case with a lot of lipsticks anyway. I wouldn't say that it is better or worse than any more expensive alternatives.

The other good thing about MUA lipsticks is that you get a sweet little pot of product which unscrews from the bottom. This little pot is perfect for touch ups with a lip brush. Such a nice touch. I also love how clean these matte ones look in the white packaging, it makes a nice change from the usual black bullets.

You can buy MUA Makeup Academy products from Superdrug in store or online, or directly from the MUA wesbite which you can find here.

Have you tried the MUA matte lipsticks? Do you have any other purple lippie recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments.

I'll see you next Sunday for my next Lippie of the Week.

Sam x



  1. Love your choice this week ❤ I never knew about the little pot at the bottom!xx

    1. Thank you, I fancied something nice and bright! :) The little pots are great aren't they! Such a nice touch xx

  2. Such a pretty colour! I used to have an MUA lipstick that was red and I loved it! Think I'm going to have to grab a few of these next time I go shopping 😊 x

    1. It's so gorgeous for spring and summer :) You should defo try more, they're such good value for money x