Lippie of the Week - Essence 'Come Naturally'

I have decided to introduce a new feature on my blog, which is called 'Lippie of the Week'. I'm totally obsessed with all things lips at the moment, anything from lipsticks, to lip lacquers, to lip glosses, so I thought that I would share my obsession with all of you. I will be picking my favourite lip product from the week and doing a short post about it, explaining why I have picked it, and what my overall thoughts of it were. I am aiming to do this post every Sunday so do keep your eye out for it. 

So here is the lippie I have picked this week and why.

I chose the beautiful Essence 'Come Naturally' this week because I'm really into my nudes at the moment and I feel like this offers a lot more than most nude lipsticks out there. So first of all, this costs just £2.30 which is unbelievable value for money. I have tried one Essence lipstick before so I know that they are good quality, but I'm still shocked by how lovely this is.

The Essence lipsticks are so moisturising from the moment you put them on, and they don't dry your lips out over time like a lot of budget lipsticks do. This just glides onto the lips and is quite pigmented so you only need a couple of sweeps to get a perfect finish. The colour itself is's a much darker nude than I'm used to wearing (not a bad thing at all) and it leans more towards a purpley brown on the lips which is just beautiful. This colour is totally unique in my rather large collection of lip products and I think most people would say the same. In terms of longevity, this isn't bad at all. It requires topping up throughout the day and will survive a cup of coffee, again, not bad when you consider the price. 

I also really love the packaging of this, it's obviously not the most luxurious packaging in the world but it is sleek and simple. I also love how the colour of the plastic matches the colour of the product. There are a few of these new Nude shades in the collection and I definitely want to try more of them.

You can buy Essence in the UK in Wilkos stores and on Wilkos online which you can find here. I have also heard that Essence is making its way into selected Superdrug stores so keep an eye out in there too.

Have you tried Essence lipstick before? Have you got any more Essence recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments.

Don't forget to come back next Sunday for my next Lippie of the Week.

Sam x



  1. I really struggle with lipsticks as I don't know much about which colour suits me or which brands are good, and also how much to spend. I've noticed that I've started acquiring a few lipsticks, most Body Shop and most same sort of muted pink and purple colours. A particular favourite of mine has been a purple GOSH one, which smells good too instead of that horrible lipstick smell a lot of them have, but when wearing it the other day in the daylight, decided it didn't actually look that good with my pasty complexion. So in short I think I'll try a nude and maybe this one you recommend here!

    1. It's so hard to know what lipsticks to buy sometimes so I totally agree with you. Something might look good in the tube but doesn't look good on the lips. You really can't go wrong with a nice nude though as they suit all skin tones. The Essence ones are such good value for money so I'd recommend giving them a try and they do a great selection of colours!