Top 5 Polishes

Hello my lovelies,

I was recently tagged on Instagram to show off my top 5 polishes, and this inspired me to do a blog post on it to elaborate a little bit more on each polish. I had a bit of a hard time choosing, and a couple of polishes didn't quite make the cut, but here is what I narrowed it down to.

I picked; Barry M 'Bright Pink', Mint London 'Embargo', Filthy Gorgeous 'Prism', KIKO '530' and Barry M 'Gold Foil'

I'll start by talking about Mint London 'Embargo'. This has to be my favourite lilac polish. Everything about it is perfect. Easy application, quick drying time, highly pigmented, and the colour is beautiful. I bought this polish for £1.49 off eBay and it was well worth the money! This is my go-to purple polish. I have put a couple of pictures below of some nail art I did with this polish.

This is once of my first attempts at nail art, so do excuse the bad cuticles and poor picture!

Next up is Barry M 'Gold Foil'. This has always been my No1 polish, and is my most used up polish. My bottle is nearly at the end of its lifespan so I'll need to be replacing it very soon. This was my favourite polish before I really got into nail art. It's a great all rounder. It works well as a stand alone polish, but it works even better as a stamping polish! I've listed some pictures below of stamping that I have done using this polish :)

 Sticking with Barry M, my next choice was 'Bright Pink'. This is one of the 1st Barry M polishes that I ever bought and it's fab! It's the ultimate Barbie Pink and having it on my nails makes me happy! I haven't used this as much recently as I have so many untrieds to get through, but when I do use it, I remember how good it is. Here is my most recent mani using this polish on my thumb and middle finger.

Next is KIKO '530'. I was torn between this and an Essence one, but I find this one slightly more exciting. I only bought this polish at the beginning of December last year, but its beautiful. The colour shift in it is amazing, and the application is spot on. It is a really sturdy polish and pretty much refused to chip! I picked this one to put in as I know that I will be using it time and time again. Below you will see a plain swatch of it, and then a picture where I have stamped over it using Barry M 'Silver Foil'.

Finally, I chose Filthy Gorgeous 'Prism'. I had been lusting after this polish for so long, and when someone very kindly sent it to me, I was made up! It's a beautiful holo glitter topper and works perfectly over so many different bases. The glitter is so fine, but it's super sparkly, and is one of the best glitter topcoats I have ever used. I don't use it as often as I should, but now I have dug it out, I'll make a point of using it more.

So that sums up my favourite polishes :) 

Have I mentioned any of your favourites here? If not, then let me know what your faves are.

Sam x



  1. I've not heard of Mint London or KIKO before, I love the colour of the KIKO one. Picking 7 polishes is hard, I'll need to have a think about which ones I'd pick. Got three that springs to mind, I'll get back to you when I have all 7!

    1. Mint London is a great unknown brand. The polishes are so cheap but the formula is amazing. KIKO is an Italian brand and they only have about 3 shops over here, but there's one in Leeds and I was in heaven! I would recommend trying both brands if you get the chance. Can't wait to hear which polishes you are going to choose!!