February's Glossybox

I have another review of the Glossybox for you today. These reviews seem to come around quick! So the theme of this month's box was Love, and it included 4 full sized products. It also came with a little pack of Love Hearts which was a lovely touch. Here is what I got this month.

First up is the Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor worth £9.99.

They've annoyingly classed this as full sized product, but how on earth are you meant to get a mini or sample sized razor? It comes with a handy suction pad so you can stick it to the shower door/wall, and it has 5 blades for an extra close shave. It seems like a decent enough product from a good brand, and let's be honest, razors are never out of the way.

The next product up is got2be All Star 10 in 1 Styling cream worth £4.07.

 I am really not impressed with this. I took the time to fill in my beauty profile for Glossybox and I never once stated a preference towards hair products. This is the second time in 3 boxes that I have received a hair product that I won't use. What annoyed me more is that I saw some people received mascara or an Essie nail polish instead of this product. I made a point of stating on my beauty profile that nail polish is one of my favourite beauty items. I'm sure this product is great, but it will be finding a new home with one of my friends.

Next up is Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in shade 'Fifty Shades' worth £14.49.

I really don't know what to make of this product...I do love eyeshadow, and my collection has been steadily growing over the past few months, but I'm just not too sure about this. I think it's because the word 'messy' springs to mind when I look at it. It reminds me of the Barry M Dazzle Dust eyeshadows, and I know what a mess they can make. I haven't got a proper colour swatch to show you of this as I think, like the hair stuff, this will be finding itself a new home very soon. Another disappointing product.

Next I have So Susan Rose Quartet Lip & Cheek Palette worth £8.

This to me is total rubbish. When I opened my box and I saw a So Susan product I was really excited as it's a brand I've wanted to try for a while, however; as soon as I opened it up I wasn't so excited. This instantly reminded me of dress up make up that you give to a 6 year old. The packaging looks pretty cheap and the colours are awful. It's also really tiny and I fail to see how you could do anything decent with this product at all. I will be giving this to my 7 year old niece to play around with!

Finally I received Royal Apothic Tinties in 'Coral' worth $14 (£9).

Again, I am totally in 2 minds about this product. We were given a sneak peek of this item in last month's box and I was really looking forward to it, but now it's here my excitement has gone again. I adore the packaging, it's so cute and quirky, but I'm not too sure about the contents. Coral isn't a colour that I would go out and buy for myself, but it's a fairly safe colour for most skin tones so I guess thats why this colour was sent out. The product contains shea butter, argan oil, grape seed oil and almond oil so and is rumoured to be celeb favourite, but that doesn't really sell it for me. I think I will be sticking to my No7 BB Lips for now. 

So overall, this has been a very disappointing box. I might have felt differently about it if I had received the mascara or polish instead of the hair stuff, but it seems like Glossybox really haven't listened to me. The total contents of the box are worth: £45.55. So costings wise, you get a good pay out for £10, but considering on this occasion that I will only use the razor, I'm actually a penny worse off!

Did you get this month's Glossybox? Were you as disappointed with it as I am? Let me know in the comments.

Sam x



  1. I stopped getting Glossybox a while a go because I was so disappointed with them! This doesn't sound like a good box at all to me!
    Alex // www.prettythoughtsx.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I don't blame you. Sometimes the boxes are quite good, and other times they're awful like this one. I unsubscribed as soon as this one arrived.

  3. I unsubscribed from my boxes for this reason, it's so disappointing when they dont pay attention to your beauty profile!