Effiena's Nail Polish Review - Part 1*

The lovely Effiena of Effiena's Nail Polish very kindly asked me to be her permanent swatcher at the beginning of the year and I was super excited, so of course I had to say yes! Effiena is a new UK indie polish maker, making a range of colours and finishes. Her polishes are all completely handmade and are 5 Free. I will put links to her Etsy shops and social media pages at the bottom of this post so that you can check her out. Right let's move onto the good bit...the polish!

Effiena sent me 4 polishes to begin with that vary in finish and colour. Here is what I was sent.

L-R: Fire, Destiny, Bewitching & Cherry.

I'll start by talking about Fire as that is the one I was desperate to use first. It is a gorgeous gold-pink duochrome and the colour shift is really beautiful. I used 3 thin, really easy, coats of this to get full coverage. I wore this polish for 2 days and it didn't chip, and I had minimal tip wear. I got quite a few compliments on this one while I was wearing it, and I know that it is one I will keep going back to in the future.

Here is Fire in in gold state.

And in it's pink state. As you can see, it is pretty in both lights.

Next up is Destiny. This is a really interesting polish as it can be used in many ways. I used 3 coats of it to get a really nice light purple shimmery colour, but you could also use just 1 coat to give a really nice natural sheen. What I like about this polish is that it is so versatile. I also layered this over a dark purple, almost black, polish and it created a really stunning effect.

3 coats of Destiny, no undie.

And here it is layered over the dark purple.

When I opened my package of polishes from Effiena, Bewitching jumped out to me straight away. It is such a gorgeous rich polish and the colour is really intense. Like with Fire, I used 3 coats of this but you can definitely get away with 2 coats. The colour is so unusual and I don't own anything like it all. There is also a really lovely shimmer running through it which gives it that extra depth and makes it a little more special. This was my firm favourite of the four.

Finally we have Cherry. This is a really great gelly polish. It is very similar to the OPI Sheer Tints and Sally Hansen Triple Shines that were popping up in Poundworld a few months ago. I was initially really unsure what to do with this polish and how to swatch it to show if off properly. I decided to swatch it over my naked nails to show off the pretty colour, and then again over white. It has a completely different finish to it in both swatches, so hopefully you can see what can be done with it. This would also be great for leadlighting when stamping, but I am yet to try that.

Cherry over my naked nails, no undie.

Here is is over the white base. It turns it into a really cool neon pink!

Effiena has an Etsy shop to sell her polishes, which are priced at just £3 each. Bargain! You can find the shop here.

You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Sam x

*These products have been sent to me for review*



  1. These are all lovely polishes :) I especially like Cherry x

    1. They are all really pretty, I can't fault any of them :) Cherry is really interesting. Going to try some leadlighting with it which scares me a little bit lol x